Scicli and the beaches

Nei dintorniA few kilometers from the Bed and Breakfast U Marchisi you will find Scicli, a town nominated by Unesco, World Heritage of the Umanity for its architectural baroque wonders and, for many years, the set of the famous tv series “The Inspector Montalbano”.

Fans of Montalbano inspector, and of the sicilian writer of these stories Andrea Cammilleri, can see the real life setting of this tv serie in Scicli, Modica and Ragusa Ibla, including the places where the series was filmed like the ” Police Office – the Scicli mayor’s office “ or the “ Mannara” an old tiles factory on the rocky coast of the beach of Sampieri and much more.

In various periods Scicli was dominated from different people and cultures, initially Arabic, later Norman’s and then Aragonese, until his annexion in 1860 to Piemonte’s Kingdom later to Italy’s Kingdom”.

Evidence of the social-cultural change in historical Scicli display many architechtural buildings still perfectly conserved that demonstrate the changes in culture in the town.

Scicli is considered one of the capitals of the European Baroque and is surrounded by the splendid nature of the Val di Noto.

The many architechtural buildings, palaces and churches, will allow you to see the different periods when Scicli was dominated by different cultures, in the surroundings of the marvellous Baroque style.

We reccomend you to visit:

Palazzo Beneventano
Rare pearl of the Sicilian Baroque in the earth of the town.

Palazzo Fava

Decorated with Grifoni, medioeval creatures and Moro’s heads.

Palazzo Spadaro

Fine palace demonstrates the passage from the old-Baroque to the Rocaille style.

San Giovanni Battista’s Church

In the beautiful Via Francesco Mormina Penna shows decorations of XIX century.

San Matteo’s Church

The oldest church in the town located on the higher hill.

Santa Maria La Nova’s church

Bizantine’s origin and the place where is saved the santuary of Maria SS. Della Pietà and the statue of Jesus Christ – Gioia.

San Bartolomeo Apostolo’s Church
Neo-classic baroque church inside an old and precious presepe.


In the main hill of the town just up and close the San Matteo’s church.

The beaches

During your stay in the southeast of Sicily you can explore the sandy beaches and spend all day in the wonderful sicilian sunshine.

Scicli’s territory has 18 km of sea coast where you will find the beaches of Cava d’Aliga, Bruca, Filippa, Donnalucata-Micenci, Plaia Grande, Sampieri, and the Natural Park of Costa di Carro.

By car you can find many more beautiful sandy beaches like Pozzallo-Santa Maria del Foccallo, Marza, Marina di Ragusa or Punta Secca where there is “ The Montalbano Inspector’s house”, and the Natural Reserve of Randello.

Don’t miss the beaches of the province of Siracusa , Porto Palo di Capopassero, Plaia Caratois, and the natural reserve of Vendicari with the amazing beach of Calamosche, all easily acessible by car in 1 hour.

In the night time after a fresh local dinner in the center of the sea village of Marzamemi you will fall in love with the southeast of Sicily.

Cava d’Aliga is our quite sea village and is a perfect location for couples and families. All the amenities you need are provided: bar, supermarket, pharmacy, petrol station and restaurants and in the beach will have free parking and free showers. The economy of the town is mainly based on agriculture and even thanks to this the sea water is always clean and clear.

To the east of the beach there is a rocky coast, leading 5 km to the amazing beach of Sampieri. From the beach of Cava d’Aliga you can walk on the “Via del Mare“, there is a long and beautiful path over the rocks (around 3 km).

In Via del Mare you will cross “la Grotta”and will see “Il Corvo“, “il Faro del Corvo” ( Corvo’s lighthouse ) and the “Spaccazza”.

La Grotta is a natural cave in the rocks at the beginning of the Via del Mare trail.

La Spaccazza is a big cut in the rocks (around 15 meters long and 6m deep ) and is at the end of Via del Mare. In both areas locals go to cliff jump into the sea.

Il Corvo is a small natural rock port, at the middle of the Via del Mare. Around 15 years ago it was used by local fishermen. The lighthouse of Corvo was formally used by police to check the coast, but is no longer in service. Corvo is near the Spaccazza and surrounded by the most beautiful part of the rocky coast.

Recently in this site, like in Scicli, Modica and Ragusa Ibla was filmed the popular tv series “ The Inspector Montalbano”.

Many people go to Via del Mare to sit on the rocks and enjoy the afternoon views aswell as the colourful evening sunsets.

At the west side of the beach, just after a short rocky coast starts Bruca, the longest beach of Scicli’s territory. Bruca is a long and idealic beach. From here you can walk 4 km to Donnalucata, crossing en-route the beach of Filippa. The beach of Bruca is mainly frequented by locals and is not overcrowded.

In essence (with the exception of mid August) all beaches, like the towns, are never overcrowded, allowing you to enjoy Sicily in complete relaxation.

The sea, beach, amazing sicilian food and architechture will ensure you enjoy your stay and be eager to return soon!

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